5 Mistakes People Make Furnishing Their Home

It happens to everyone, we shop and when we see the perfect home decor accessory we give in to the impulse to buy and excitedly bring home the new-found treasure— only to discover that what looked like the ideal accessory looks hideous when put in place, and leave us thinking- Where did we go wrong?

What most of us don’t understand is that interior design takes a very keen and knowledgeable eye of how color, lighting, room size, scale, and placement all affect how items look in a room and dictates whether they will make or break a room design.

It is not mandatory that one needs an interior designer to design their dream home. We may not be a professional, but we too can give a makeover to our home like a pro. However, we must make sure we don’t make those little and common mistakes that can ruin our whole décor. Some special measures and extra care and planning can give our houses a well-designed and classy look.
Scale in Interior Design

“When you enter into a room, it should be like a city scape…a combination of different heights.”- Linda Floyd

Scale is the one mistake that almost everyone makes when it comes to interior design.  Scale and proportion are the holy grail of design. Scale is the size of things, and proportion is the relationship of those sizes to each other and the room as a whole. Keep an accurate scale in designing giving your eyes a place to land.The secret to proper scale is a mixture of different shapes, heights and sizes.

Accomplish this with different heights/sizes in your furnishings, art placement and window treatments.

With the right scale the room is well on its way towards a successful aesthetic look.

Have a Plan in Mind

“Stop, sit down, get out a piece of paper, and plan.”- Mark Clement

Of course, we want to make those empty rooms look like home, sweet home, pronto. So we go about buying everything we see and like.

This is probably the biggest mistake that most first timers make when furnishing their new place, and it’s because it’s so easy to fall into this trap. And it’s killer. When this happens, you’re likely to spend too much, and end up with a whole bunch of stuff you really don’t need.Great decorating, is about taking time to think through the rooms. Make a list of what you need to furnish the whole house; then focus first on the two to three most important rooms—generally the more exposed parts of the house such as living room, kitchen, and family room..It’s difficult to measure the space in your home or weigh the value of a piece if you are buying on impulse.

So, with budget and room size in mind, go for shopping. Look through samples of everything you want. Find what you love and then once you are happy with your design choices, go about setting your home.

Cramming Rooms like A Clown Car

Not every nook and corner of the house has to have furniture and accessories present.Accessories and art will bring your composition into perfect harmony, but you have to be very careful not to clutter.

The mistake that most of us make is scattering pieces of the collection throughout thespace, overcrowding the roomin an effort to make it more comfortable.The result, however, is the complete opposite. A space that looks and feels cluttered is less appealing and less inviting.

It’s ok to have some empty spaces and walls. You want to be able to move around freely without having to hurdle through all the furniture around making it feel like prison

No matter what the accessory is, it is best to display them in arrangements and groupings. There are some steadfast rules to arranging items into groups—called the rule of three.  So, gather what you love into groupings and display them proudly and properly.

Up Against the Wall

This is a very common mistake all do without realizing that there are other options to take into consideration. Furniture backed up around the walls in a living room looks a bit too much like a doctor’s waiting room, or a funeral wake.By pushing all the furniture against the walls you make the space look like a hallway and you don’t really entice conversation or interaction between people.

Contrary to popular practice, bringing furniture in from the walls creates intimacy and balance.

Move the furniture inward to create a warm, intimate seating arrangement for conversation.. The furniture should be arranged to allow for guests and family to circulate through the space. A large area rug can unify the furnishings.

Focal Point

Neglecting focal point can affect the overall appearance of a room. Every room needs a focal point where the eye of a visitor rests.

For a larger room, it is easier to find a focal point, but for smaller rooms, locate a focal point for a purpose and place furnishings around it. A prominent item like a fireplace, artwork or mirror can serve as an eye-catching focal point for any space. Plan the furniture size and its placement and buy accordingly.

It also helps improve the functionality of a room. You have to know how you want the room to function. Chances are your rooms will function differently at different times of day and different times of the year.Rooms with layouts that can be moved around to accommodate last-minute gatherings, guests or different chapters of life will allow you to live better in your home.


When it comes to furnishing, everyone has a unique taste but that does not mean you have to overdo things. Your house represents you and says a lot about your personality. Furnishing plays a great role in making it your paradise on earth so try your best to make wise decisions about furnishing.






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