The winter holidays have come and it’s time for family gatherings, delicious food, and festivities and with this comes the crazy madness of people going online to search for recipes, home decor ideas and gifts.

Christmas is one of the happiest occasions that we celebrate every year. This is why we do our best to prepare ourselves and homes for welcoming this special occasion that comes just once a year.

And with Christmas almost round the corner are you curious about the hottest Christmas decoration trends?

Do you want to get a new Christmas decoration idea that allows you to make your home more inviting on this happy occasion?

So to make things easier for you we at Aauraa International have come up with some  major décor trends for that are bold, fun and filled with appreciation for nature and good old handcrafting. Just the way Christmas is supposed to be.

The Classic Traditional

The Classic design of decoration on Christmas is always one of the most beautiful ideas for your home.The perfect combination of red and white decoration on the Christmas will remain in trend forever.

This Christmas trend is all about craftsmanship, natural shades and raw materials. Therefore the return to making things by hand is a way to stop the ticking clock and enjoy in a happy and relaxed festive atmosphere.

Celebration of high quality products that are manufactured with dedication with value to tradition.

Geometrical Chic

Geometrical, simplified forms dominate this minimalist, yet effective Christmas setting.

This eye-catching trend takes inspiration from chic geometric shapes and bold contrasts featured in modernism and a hint of modernity is acquired through the usage of geometric patterns.

Blue Christmas

Are you looking to decorate your house this Christmas  a bit differently? If so I think blue Christmas decoration is the perfect way to decorate your house. People try to find new ways to decorate the houses for Christmas and blue Christmas decorations is one of the most unique way.

A blue Christmas decoration is a non-traditional fresh color and one of the most attractive color schemes if you are looking for a touch of glamour and elegance.

Decorate with blue as it transcends decor styles and is reminiscent of a sparkling winter wonderland transporting us to a reunion with nature.

Blue the classic color combined with white or other colors combination are often used to fresh new palette for your place.

A Christmas In The Natural

This Christmas style is inspired by natural themes and dressed up in muted color, fine materials and sensitive textures. Clouds, images of water, ice and soft sandy structures are all there to create a relaxing festive atmosphere that is delicate and airy. There is a lovely trend for all the organics and more natural decorations.

No matter what season, the kitchen is always the heart of the home. While we focus our attention on other seasonal spots we often forget the space in the home where we spend so much time. In the kitchen, we’re prepping the turkey, baking holiday cookies, gathering around the breakfast table with family. If we are spending so much time in the kitchen, we must make sure it feels festive and bright.

Our kitchen Christmas collection will help you make the heart of your home holiday-ready. They will also add more joy and merriment to your home without getting in the way of your Christmas treat- baking plans.


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