Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution to redecorate your outdoor living area?

Perhaps it’s looking a little tired and you might be thinking of  sprucing it up, or even redesign the entire thing, but wonder how to or even why to as there is so much noise around outdoor décor in the recent past .

This blog from AAURAA INTERNATIONAL, one of India’s leading manufacturers in table and kitchen linens will show you why it is important to keep your outdoor décor at its best.

being able to transport your usual interior setting to your outdoor space. Coffee tables, pillows, rugs and even the occasional blanket are now more than welcome into your outdoor design!

It is a great opportunity to create a space where you feel comfortable outside yet inside your home. You can create dining areas, lounge area, and play areas, whatever you want. The options are infinite, and so are the inspirations.

Your patio, balcony or lanai can often be overlooked when it comes to design and aesthetics, but these places become ideal areas to relax and entertain as the temperatures warm.


And much like interior design, outdoor living areas have their own set of trends that rise in popularity each year and dictate how we design our spaces.

Outdoor living areas will no longer be used only for the occasional barbeque or afternoon drink on the patio. Instead, they’ll be treated more as an extension or continuation of the house itself as open-air dining are becoming more popular.

Outdoor décor is also significant because it gives an inviting touch. Next time when you throw a party in green, embellished surroundings, the first statement of praise that will come will be from your invitees. The real wonder, magic and pleasure of life created by lawn-related accessories definitely go beyond praise levels too.

With the proper materials, furnishings, recreational features, and landscaping treatments, you can achieve a seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces of your home and effortlessly impart a sense of comfort and delight to family, friends, and neighbours, as they dine, sport, and socialize on the patio and/or in the courtyard.

These recreational features enrich the time spent outdoors, giving you and your guests fun, competitive pastimes.

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