“No winter lasts forever. No spring skips its turn.”- Hal Borland

 Take a deep breath. Smell that?

Yes, that is the smell of spring bringing with it the freshness of newness masking the dried and gloomy mood of winter.

Spring time is undoubtedly the most loved time of the year when the entire world sways to the rhythms of the heart induced by the beauty of nature.

This is the season of promise, the promise of new beginning, of embracing something new.

And when better to get our hands dirty and dust away the gloominess of winter than now.

A major part of spring cleaning comprises of renovating and freshening the looks of our homes and bringing in with it the happiness and positivity of warmer days.

In the fashion and textile world spring –summer is a major season where the biggest forecaster and influencer set the trend and look for the season.

So now let’s look at the trends that we believe are going to make a mark in 2019.



This market is awash with different looks to choose from right now, but dark midnight blue to black seems to be a hot favourite, with a new twist on the ongoing tropical theme.

To add some glamour accessories like flamingos, cacti and pineapple with rich gold and copper tones are key to this look.

Tropical Palms, Dark Palm Forests, Vintage Hawaiian Bark Prints, Green on Green, Dark Navy and Black Colour Palettes, Fern Leaf Prints, Banana Leaves, Tropical Beach Landscapes are some of hot trending patterns for the season.


Get away and break free from the madness of life. Natural, unadulterated, and uncontaminated is the new motto of the season.

This trend aims to bring nature to us in its mos t unfiltered raw form.

Botanical sketches, painted Florals, distressed floral looks, watercolour Florals, unfinished floral art, graphic blooms are the trending patterns for the season.



All trends this season revolve around nature and organic revolution. The world is moving forward into bringing the import ance of global warming and the dying nature in whatever mode possible.

In textiles we are trying to portray this trend by combining the delicacy of nature and natural patterns with the worn out distress effect.

Lace , delicate florals , black and white contrast all in a distressed look are the trend for the season .



Color blocking is a trend that is carried over from the previous spring summer trend, but this season it is with a more cleaner and minimalistic look with hints of metallic in it.

Watercolour strokes and patches, clean minimalistic blocks of color, patchwork blocks are some of the trending patterns for the season.



Metallic is that one trend that has been consistently only growing and innovating itself in new ways from the past seasons and isprobably the one to stay for many more seasons to come.

A major highlight is that has a lot of metallic are used as accents and also otherwise in this season’s trend .

Right now, metallic are what unites the seasonal trends and makes it special, no matter what your home decorating style.

Dipped in blue

“Among all colors, navy blue is the only one which can ever compete with black, it has all the same qualities,” said Christian Dior

Indigo is that one pattern that are popular since ages. These beautiful patterns originally from japan in different forms and shapes are liked by many for clothing, accessories or home décor.

This spring indigo is making a comeback, and retailers such as Pottery Barn and Anthropologie are putting the shade front and centre.

Even this trend draws inspiration from the irregularity of nature through its tie and dye effect.

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