A Vision in White

Decorating — especially one’s home is a very personal, very important aspect of life. So many factors can impact our choices and sometimes we have to take into consideration the wants and needs of others.

The quickest, the most  dramatic,and the most reasonable way in which to create instant change in a room is through the use of color. It can completely change the atmosphere of a room, establish harmony within a décor, create illusion, and accent an interior with personal style.

Choosing color combinations is one of the most intimidating steps for beginners. Color has the power to change the shape and size of furnishings, as well as the shape and size of the room itself.

In this blog we will look on the color white and its significance in home decor!

According to the famous interior designer Timothy Corrigan, the color white will be the new color trend in interior design for the next coming months.

Timothy states in an interview that the most significant trend he spotted was the bold move away from multi-colored, almost rainbow splash of the last couple of years to the ubiquitous use of white.

‘White is everywhere!’ he explains. ‘Furniture, accessories, carpets, lighting…’

‘What’s interesting to note’, says Timothy, ‘is that you can do some pretty outrageous design concepts but they somehow seem more accessible when they are pitched up all in white.’

What so significant about white?

Nothing says bright, fresh and clean like white. This versatile neutral works well in a variety of color schemes and design styles, and it’s hardly sterile and boring.

White is a color at its most complete and pure, the color of perfection.

White is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion.

White is a color of protection and encouragement, offering a sense of peace and calm.

White is the color of new beginnings, it is the blank canvas waiting to be written upon.


The paradox of color white is its multi-faceted, unique power. Pure white color can create a strong statement in itself, and it can also combine, or blend seamlessly with any other color.

Feng shui-wise, white is the color that belongs to the Metal fengshui element. Its fengshui energy is crisp, clear, clean and fresh. White is the color of new beginnings, as well as clear endings.


This fresh, peaceful color is used widely in interior design theory where it can instill feelings of youthfulness, faith and innocence. White can help smaller spaces appear large. It can also make rooms look livelier, fresher and crisper.

People associate different things in white. White is used to create an airy appearance, quiet and pure. If in a room is used on walls, furniture or floor, white may give the impression that it is much higher than it is and can give an invigorating freshness. If you don’t want to have very colorful room but no excess white, you can use white in combination with other neutral colors. Black, brown or gray with white fit very well.


Western cultures (North America and Europe) White is the color of purity and peace. It is often associated with weddings and is the color most often worn by brides. White is also clean and sterile and used to represent hospitals and even holiness. In Italy however, white is used for funerals and traditionally, white Chrysanthemums are placed at grave sites.

Eastern and Asian cultures White is also the color of death in the East. It is used at funerals and represents sterility, mourning, unhappiness and misfortune.

Latin America White has many of the same associations as in North America and is connected to purity and peace.

Middle East Both purity and mourning are associated with white. In Iran for example, that definition expands to include holiness and peace and in Egypt wearing white is a symbol of a person’s high ranking status.

Around the world The white flag is the universal symbol of truce.




Beige can be boring, but not white. It’s a very dramatic color.


People think of it as cold, because they believe a white room must be neat and uniform with chairs lined up like good little soldiers.  Avoid hard, modern pieces and use fluffy cushions and distressed finishes — you will get that airy feeling, but with warmth to it.


Paint a room white, and you have a blank canvas for anything.


If everything’s painted white, then that odd steam pipe almost magically disappears.



Layers of objects with different textures are where white rooms really come together!


You can freshen up a white room just by swapping out throw pillows: blue ones for summer, orange ones for winter, and so on. A rug or work of art is another little way to make a big difference.


Use white in your modern or traditional kitchen:

The beauty of white is its versatile range to go from an ultra-creamy white that pairs well with traditional and classical wooden kitchen cabinets to ultra-minimal kitchens with waterfall edge counter-tops. Many homeowners love white in the kitchen because it feels clean and classic.

Layer tone-on-tone whites for a warmer room


If your room is lacking personality or warmth, consider layering whites in similar shades of white, warm whites, gray, warm grays, etc.… Use patterns, textures and varying materials in similar white hues to create a room that has depth and interest. Textiles, an upholstered headboard, window treatments and bedding can all work together in harmony in varying shades of tone-on-tone white varieties.

White can make your interiors versatile all year around:

White creates a canvas for you to decorate in different ways all year around. Whether you love to usher in autumn with gorgeous rustic tones of red, yellow, and burnt umber or change to bright colors and pastels in spring, an all-white interior gives you the versatility to change at a whim! Swap out accent rugs, throw pillows, window treatments, bed linen to create a seasonal home that is versatile and welcoming all year around. In summer time an all-white interior is cool and refreshing and may not need seasonal colors at all.

Home Gallery

There’s a reason art gallery walls are generally white: They ensure that the artwork remains the focus. You can do the same if you have a piece or grouping of pieces you’d like to command the room with.

Variety Is the Spice


When you decorate with all white, you need something besides color to keep things from looking too boring and clinical. Use of bold texture, in the vanity and wall treatments, which doubles as art are good examples of this look.

White & Bright

Have a room that feels hijacked by a brick fireplace or wall whose color you don’t even like? Here’s an easy solution: Paint it white! It’s an instant room-brightener. It feels especially modern, when paired with lots of gold, mid century furnishings, and dashes of black.

Live Large

A small, narrow space always looks bigger and more open when painted white.

Comfortable Conversation

In a white room, placing all color squarely in the center creates maximum coziness right at the room’s heart.

Make a statement

The more neutrals you add to your white base, the more collected and layered your look becomes.A room wrapped in white is the perfect foundation for a two-neutral mix, plus a dose of color.Thus we conclude this blog on the color white with some great quotes from inspiring personalities

-White…is not a mere absence of color; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definite as black…God paints in many colors; but He never paints so gorgeously, I had almost said so gaudily, as when He paints in white.” — G. K. Chesterton


-“The first of all single colors is white … We shall set down white for the representative of light, without which no color can be seen; yellow for the earth; green for water; blue for air; red for fire; and black for total darkness.” — Leonardo Da Vinci

– “Black and white are absolute…expressing the most delicate vibration, the most profound tranquility, and unlimited profundity.” — ShikoMunakata

-“Never use pure white; it doesn’t exist in nature.” — Aldro T. Hibbard

– “White covers a multitude of sins.” — Jonathan Milne











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