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There is something undeniably charming about the rustic look you find in old farm houses, but bringing the same look into your houses is much simpler than buying a country home.  

Country homes evoke feelings of a slower pace of life and a bygone era where the home was a safehaven, where all were welcome, whether you were passing through, or stopping for a while. It’s all about creating memories that will last for generations to come.

Country decorating is all about comfort. It is about creating a warm, inviting space for people to come into and feel immediately at ease. It is not a show house. It is not a house where people will fear where they put their feet or what they touch.Outdoor Kitchen towel

Hospitality takes on a genuine charm when you let country farmhouse décor style take hold at your house with its white woods, distressed finishes and down home appeal. Whether you prefer the sophisticated elegance of a French country look or the appeal of Americana farm life, this design choice has some key must-haves that once you have them in place, you can easily achieve the look.

Outdoor Kitchen towelsEuropean elegance meets rustic country and old-world character to achieve the graceful and inviting style of country French decorating. Striking the perfect balance of beauty and comfort, country French style easily fits into elegant homes and country houses alike.

Beautiful fabrics and provincial patterns are hallmarks of country French style. To balance today’s hectic lifestyles, softer colors and more delicate patterns have become popular choices. Pretty fringes, decorative trims, and lacy accents add an elegant finish.

French country style has a warm, comfortable feeling.

The Italian country style is more than just decorating, it is a way of living. It is a timeless look based on fairly neutral, earthy background colors of red terracottas and sunny ochers.

The elegance and grace come from the level of detail on how the soft furnishings, upholstery and curtains are treated with piping, tassels, tie-backs and fringes.

The charm is in the way the French are able to mix various textures and fabrics so that they look both invitingly warm and sophisticated at the same time.A modern rustic country home mixes rustic with sophistication. Whatever you choose within this style, a rustic home is a celebration of the abundance of nature.

If ever there was a kitchen decorating style meant to feel more warm and welcoming, the country kitchen is it. As you embark on bringing this distinctive look to your kitchen, you need only aim at one thing: making everyone feel welcome, of the unpretentious country kitchen.

Rustic country home decor is more about bringing the outside, inside.



Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution to redecorate your outdoor living area?

Perhaps it’s looking a little tired and you might be thinking of  sprucing it up, or even redesign the entire thing, but wonder how to or even why to as there is so much noise around outdoor décor in the recent past .

Outdoor Cushions

This blog from AAURAA INTERNATIONAL, one of India’s leading manufacturers in table and kitchen linens will show you why it is important to keep your outdoor décor at its best.

One of the biggest trends for the year is being able to transport your usual interior setting to your outdoor space. Coffee tables, pillows, rugs and even the occasional blanket are now more than welcome into your outdoor design!

It is a great opportunity to create a space where you feel comfortable outside yet inside your home. You can create dining areas, lounge area, and play areas, whatever you want. The options are infinite, and so are the inspirations.

Your patio, balcony or lanai can often be overlooked when it comes to design and aesthetics, but these places become ideal areas to relax and entertain as the temperatures warm.

And much like interior design, outdoor living areas have their own set of trends that rise in popularity each year and dictate how we design our spaces.

Outdoor living areas will no longer be used only for the occasional barbeque or afternoon drink on the patio. Instead, they’ll be treated more as an extension or continuation of the house itself as open-air dining are becoming more popular.

Outdoor décor is also significant because it gives an inviting touch. Next time when you throw a party in green, embellished surroundings, the first statement of praise that will come will be from your invitees. The real wonder, magic and pleasure of life created by lawn-related accessories definitely go beyond praise levels too.

With the proper materials, furnishings, recreational features, and landscaping treatments, you can achieve a seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces of your home and effortlessly impart a sense of comfort and delight to family, friends, and neighbours, as they dine, sport, and socialize on the patio and/or in the courtyard.

These recreational features enrich the time spent outdoors, giving you and your guests fun, competitive pastimes.




Are you bored with your home seeming both mundane and uninspiring? Do you want to make a statement yet play it safe? Do you find yourself confused with various options out there on the table and kitchen linen world and fear things might go wrong?
We from Aauraa International got to know our trends and decor knowledge as to be leading exporters of table linens and kitchen linens. Thus through this blog are bringing you that trend in home furnishing that can effortlessly bring in the statement with basic color combination. It is nothing else than black, white with a hint of metallic.
So, how do u decor with black, white and metallic?
Black, white, and metallics are definitely on trend in home decorating this year. But unlike some trends, you this one might not become a fad in a year or two. Black and white is a classic color combination that has been around interior design world probably since the interior design world was born.Black and White

Black and white are classic and they adapt easily to absorb other trends. There is a method, however, to creating a successful and inviting black and white space. There is a method, however, to creating a successful and inviting black and white space.

It requires balance and thought and strategy to make the interior shine

The use of black and white gives a fresh, clean, and unquestionably sophisticated and elegant look to any room.

But the best way to take advantage of the combination of these two simple colors to maximize your decorating statement is to add that hint of bling into it.Metallic black & white

Right now, metallic are what unites the combination and makes it special, no matter what your home decorating style.

Contemporary interiors often combine black and white with sleek metals.

If you’re afraid of using just black and white, add variety by adding gold, silver and copper for a striking look. Keeping black and white prominent, however, preserves the elegant effect.

These are hues of high-contrast blend that combines refinement with timeless beauty while elevating the opulence of the setting. It is a duo that can be used in a variety of styles ranging from the contemporary to the vintage and Victorian.

If your home decorating style is modern, then black, white, and gold is a natural fit.If your home decorating tastes lean more toward a softer, more casual style, use black and white as the backdrop for natural textures and materials, accessorized with metallic.

No matter what your home decorating style, with black and white at the foundation, the right touches of metallic will give your home something special.

Fringes Tassels And More!

In today’s world we need a little bit extra in every aspect of our life. Be it our basic needs or our luxurious extravaganzas. We expect everything to have that cutting edge in order to get our attention. We want everything to have that sophisticated artisan, handcrafted effect on it.
This blog from Aauraa international will show you what that cutting edge could be for home textiles. How we could bring in that rustic, handmade look to our textiles. For us as leading exporters of table linens and kitchen linens, we need to stay ahead in the trend business, we need to know what is it that can give us that cutting edge moment with our clients. And our analyses are trims.
Trims such as tassels and fringes are like the icing on a cake. It is that element that gives that special flourish to enhance home furnishings.
These are very popular yet the most underused accessories in table and kitchen linen products. It s a very fresh and artful way of making your home look chic , modern or traditional.
For example , fringes can make a product give that natural , raw , eco friendly look , pom-poms for that more fun look , tassels for the more royal elegant , sophisticated look.

Black & white collection

Choosing the right trim can make or break your house. Not every item around the house needs added flare, but when it comes to custom furnishings, trim, tassels and fringe are definitely something worth considering. With the perfect trimming, what was once plain is now, wow!

Like nothing else in the home, fringes and tassels can provide a level of texture and depth that creates mood and style.

Aauraa home fashion

Accessorizing and styling a room is just as important as designing and decorating it. No matter how perfect the layout, the furniture and the fabric, a space is not complete until it is styled. Styling adds dimension and personality to any space. It’s also a great way to add unexpected pops of color and texture.


How To Embrace The Tropical Trend At Home

Imagine coming home each night to a peaceful, exotic retreat. Tropical patterns are inspired by natural beauty, bringing nature indoors with organic colors, textures and forms.

According to Elle Décor’s Trend Alert, Tropical Leaves are the new favourites of designers.  This  decor trend was once restricted to beach houses  but now has gained popularity with all areas .  Tropical decor has taken on a new sophisticated style.  It mixes leafy patterns with polished metals and bright colors.

Keep reading to find few tips by Aauraa International toget tropical look right in your houses.

The Magic Of Color

Tropical green

The first and the most important tip for a good tropical decor is to get your colorsright. Half the work is done when you get your palette fixed in accordance with the theme.

Recreate the palettes found in tropical foliage with neutral ivory, beige, khaki, mocha and brown, as well as shades of green.

You can also incorporate muted tones of olive and sage, or opt for greens that are saturated and vibrant.

Spice it up  with warm colors, that are often found among exotic flowers and use it as an accent .

Pattern It Right

Create a tropical paradise with bold prints and patterns. Selecting the right prints and patterns plays a major role in getting the feel and look of the theme. Look for prints that are not overwhelming and will keep the space relaxing as they add visual interest. Use lively patterns to reflect the lush vegetation and gorgeous flowers of a tropical setting. Pineapples have long been a sign of welcome in the tropics and the kitchen is a great place to introduce this motif. Get the jungle,exotic look with the use of birds and fruit prints .There is a huge range out there at the moment, from quirky, cartoon-feel pineapples to dramatic, more sophisticated botanicals and tropical themed prints

5 Tips To Brighten Your Houses This Summer By AAURAA

Summer is about relaxing and enjoying the season. From cooling interior color palettes to opting for casual interiors over the stuffy formal ones, summer decor ideas are easy. Do you have a summer beach house, or would you like your apartment to FEEL like a summer beach house? Either way, the warm outdoors and cool evening breezes make your home the optimal place to entertain and relax. Try these easy summer decor ideas by AAURAA to take advantage of all that the season has to offer.

The coastal look

The coastal Look mood board

A perfect summer must include some beach fun. Decorate your home with a nautical charm to make it look like a coastal inspired setting.The simple hues of seaside colors add a laid back charm to your interior space. Nautical decorations look great with a warm and white backdrop. You can go traditional by playing with blues, whites and coastal motifs or have a colourful and playful version of nautical with the use of  pastel palettes to your home decor.

Go Green

Go Green Tropical styleIf there’s one decor trend that trends wild this summer,it’s the tropical style.

Incorporating greenery is the simplest and easiest way to make your home feel like summer is officially upon us.

One fun aspect of tropical décor is that you can interpret it many ways — glamorous is one style, but there’s also island, preppy or boho.Clean, clear colors put a sophisticated spin on a tropicalhome décor

Classy Textures

Woven textures

Woven textures

Nothing says summer like woven textures, be it wicker rocking chairs on the porch or rattan chairs in a sunroom. Texture adds dimension to a room.Just like how colors affect the look and feel of your entire home, similarly, texture is responsible for making a room more inviting.

If you want to give your space a more intimate and grounded feel, opting for rough textures is a great option. For a sleeker and composite look, choosing a smooth texture will help you achieve the same.

Bright and boldwarm and pastel shades pillows

This idea is not for those who love warm and pastel shades in their home. Summer is all about flowers, colors and sunshine. Make your home look like a summer-inspired space with some bold and bright hues.A colorful living room not only adds a cool vibe to your home, but also it makes your interiors feel more inviting.Decorative pillows can accentuate the summer theme home decor and home design.Choose some bold color accent pillows,Add greens, bold floral motifs ,mix and match a number of patterns while giving a finishing touch to the room.A color scheme with a combination of solids and prints create a stunning look in your home.

Dress your windows

Summer is a good time to make changes to your window treatments. Curtains are one quick way to give a new look to your homes for the summer. Inject a bit of color into your houses with bold and geometric prints or bring the nature in with some nature inspired prints and patterns. Bold, simple patterns are never really out of style. To maintain a more subtle, elegant and classy look go for minimalistic curtains with trims and textures.



This blog is all about Easter and what we at AAURAA INTERNATIONAL have come up as part of our Easter look for the home textile scenario.

Easter brings with it visions of warmer weather, spring color and loads of decorations.

The Changing seasons outside are the perfect reason for us to change our décor inside.  Just as Easter signify the renewal of life, the best way to portray it is to bring a new look into our houses through our décor.

 We at Aauraa international have come up with a look book for Easter and we are glad to share it with all of you.


What is Easter without the classic look of eggs and bunnies. We have brought about home textile products with the classic look with the classic Easter color but adding a new freshness to it. Eggs and bunnies play a major role in Easter décor. The egg and the bunny serves as a representation of new life. It stands for the renewing power of nature and, by extension, agriculture.


Change is the only constant and we thrive harder to modernise ourselves and strive to contemporize our classic motifs. Anything with a modern twist is vastly accepted and loved as well. So we at Aauraa have come up with this look board that uses Eastercolors with a modern twist in the designs.



All of us need something that reconnects us with nature. So this year we have decided to incorporate nature and its attributes into our design in a hope of reconnecting ourselves with the beauty and serenity of it.





 Easter was also called the spring festival in most part of the world. Soit’s only right that we incorporate the springy look into our designs. This time we have incorporated the spring with a hint of romance and have come up with the springy romantic collection.  Early springtime sunshine often brings with it the glorious fragrance and beauty of nature blossoming upon the world.Can spring ever be without floral?The importance of flowers in interior design is not without significance, as flowers are a simple and subtle way in which we can make an interior design statement as well as adding charm and warmth to a room, their presence cheerfully infusing a space with color and vitality.For centuries, we have associated certain types of flowers with specific meanings and values. We often use flowers as a way to express a particular sentiment of emotion. The flower became a symbol of purity, light, and perfection.

Aauraa- A Fair Practice Company

People are making choices everyday on where to put their money. There is an increase in the amount of social responsibility that people display. They want to support businesses that are trying to do something good for workers and for setting an example for others. We at AAURAA INTERNATIONAL are proud to call ourselves a Fair Practice Home Textile manufacturers in India.

So Now What Is Fair Practice?

Holistic Living

While many textile companies will do almost anything to gain an edge on the competition, it is important to understand that one does not risk a business’s integrity while gaining customers.

Fair Practice is about Fair prices, Decent Working conditions and Fair Terms of Trade for workers and employees.

It is about a Ethical Decision taken by the Company in supporting the development of worker communities that have more control over their futures and protecting the environment in which they live and work.

This may involve rejecting the route that would lead to the biggest short-term profit.

Why Fair Practice ?

The Ethical practices of a business are the key factors in how that business is defined. A business’s reputation impacts its customers, employees, potential for growth and overall success. A business organization that exemplifies integrity in its products, services and actions holds itself up to high Ethical standards.

Significance Of Fair Practice

Significance Of Fair Practice

A fair and stable price for the products

Security of long-term contracts

Investment in local community development

Improved working conditions

Environmentally sustainable production methods

Support in gaining the knowledge and skills needed to operate successfully in the global economy

Independence and Integrity.

How does it help to be Fair Practice textile manufacturers?

Tea Break

Strong Ethical business practices are a hallmark of a good company. As a Fair Practice Home Textile exporter we attract buyers and clients to our company’s products, thereby increasing our sales and profits. It makes our employees want to stay with us, thereby reducing our labour turnover and therefore increased productivity. It attracts more employees wanting to join us thereby enabling the company to get most talented employees.

How do we do it?

Now that we spoken so much about fair and Ethical practices, it is only fair that we tell you what do we do to call ourselves a Fair Practice Home Textile company in Karur .

According to the textile committee of India, a “Fair Practice” textile manufacturing company should comply to  law in terms of,

Child Labour,

Forced or Compulsory labour,

Freedom of association and collective bargaining,


Disciplinary Practices,

Working Hours,


Health and safety , etc

These requirements are fulfilled  at AAURAA , in compliance through SA 8000:2014 certification.

Aauraa Autoloom Machine

Also, as a GOTS and OEKO TEX -100 certified Home Textile exporter from karur, the ecological requirements is being maintained in the factory and sustainability is practiced in all ways possible.

 System certification of ISO 9001:2008 measures the systemized production in the factory and thereby fulfilling the production requirements in terms of the law required to be a Fair Practice company.

In addition to these we follow other Ethical principles such as  honesty, equality, respect for rights, integrity and adherence to the law.

Thus at AAURAA INTERNATIONAL Fair Practice is much more than merely a  certification,rather  it is the only and best Ethical and social way of living  that really ensures social and environmental, Ethical and economic impact, and therefore human impact and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

5 Coastal Trends for Summer 2018 by Aauraa Home Fashions

The days are getting shorter and warm breezes are heading our way. Its summer already and all of us are craving for some beach fun. Whether your beach time is over or it’s just not going to happen this year, missing it in the summer can be a bummer. Whether you live by the sea or just want to infuse some summer into your home and get the feel of summer vacation in no time by bringing the coastal style to your home with these beautiful home textile ideas.


The very word coastal brings to our mind the colours blue and white. It probably wouldn’t be coastal if there was no blue and white. Get the traditional look by playing with blues, whites and coastal motifs. . Blue and white are such versatile colours that can be used over and over without clashing yet creating a chic style story.




Nautical is synonymous with stripes. White, blue and red stripes are all that is needed sometimes to get the coastal look. Thick bold stripes, thin stripe , everything work together well to give the perfect coastal look . The secret to getting this look without going overboard is pairing stripes of different scales and styles and limiting the palette.

Blue Coastal Home Textiles

Blue Coastal Home Textiles


From the radiant aquamarine tones of Caribbean waters to the deep indigo colours of the Pacific, coastal-inspired shades of blue are versatile, calming and elegant.  Create a luxurious serene space by using shades of blue in the upholstery which represent the water, and layering the different patterns, like ikat, floral and striped, gives the room a light-hearted look.



Nautical doesn’t mean that everything has to be blue and white. Although not completely beach themed, beige is a great accent to coastal decor due to its gray undertones and rugged appeal. Give your homes a modern twist with this monochromatic beachy look.



Enhance the natural beauty of your home with sea-themed accents, crisp whites, and splashes of bold colour. Add a hint of teal and turquoise here and there to bring the tranquility of the calm ocean home. A more colourful and playful version of nautical is the use of pastel palettes to your home decor.  Using only teal, soft lilac, lots of white and silver, you can get the coastal look without a single navy stripe or sail boat.


Aauraa-home Textile Manufacturers and Womens Empowerment

We are familiar with the argument that investing in the economic empowerment of women drives the growth of their families and the community around. This is because women reinvest 90% of their income in their families and their community.

The legacy of AAURAA INTERNATIONAL and core priority of the company from the day it was founded in 1995 was not just to be the leading home textile manufactures but to empower as many women as possible from their neighbouring locality by training them in textile manufacturing process and providing them with decent livelihood. Our aim is to level the employment field for disadvantaged women by providing bold livelihoods options that enhance women’ economic status, dignity, and decision-making within their families.

We are one of the biggest textile companies in Karur, India where 75% of the staff working are women. We work with underprivileged women from rural background with low levels of income, sparse access to education and health services, limited job security as well as limited land and inheritance rights, lacking in basic amenities and are mostly uneducated.

Female workers hereface obstacles, from balancing work and family to access to financing. These challenges usually stem from a lack of training, professional resources and self-confidence.

We train them, motivate them, teach them to face life and make them financially independent.

A Holistic Approach

We here understand that empowerment is not just training them technically. But true empowerment comes from proper mentoring and teaching life skills. Thus the primary concern of ours is to impart in them the knowledge and understanding that promotes meaningful and informed participation in decision-making at the family, community and higher levels of social administration. This assists rural women and girls to see themselves as active agents of their own learning, as the driving force of an ongoing effort to apply knowledge to improve their own economic and spiritual condition and to contribute to the betterment of their communities.


Food and stay are the basics needs of any person. Good food and a happy place can automatically improve any person’s livelihood. We here provide the women under us with a safe and calm atmosphere. The Women stay in the company hostel that is surrounded by luscious nature which gives a calm and serene vibe.

Safety is an important issue when we deal with women, that is why we have provided these women with 24 hour security in their hostels, lest they become preys to antisocial elements and dangers that surround a woman in today’s world.

The hostel and the factory provides hygienic , freshly prepared home cooked style vegetarian food  so that they don’t miss their homes and also get their daily dose of nutrients and proteins.

Mentoring is also a key component of training.An ideal day at Aauraa for these women start with invoking the presence of the almighty as he is the provider of all good things.Followed by an hour of mentoring on basic hygiene,communication, rapport building, life lessons on how to face life, ethics, and various other life trainings.

These women are given a proper government certified training on home textile manufacturing for three months with an incentive and  once they are qualified they are then promoted to various departments and are motivated and given individual responsibilities and made to grow professionally .

We also provide them with a workplace-based women’s health program to provide them with general and reproductive health education, as well as strengthen the workplace to better manage and support women’s health.

The health program comprises of regular free health check-ups, eye check-ups and doctor routines, making sure they don’t lack in any aspect dealing with their health as it concerns.

We also provide loans and other monetary helps in case of emergencies or during festivities.

Finally to conclude , Empowering these women by providing loans, training and other resources isn’t just a “feel good” corporate social responsibility (CSR) move for us but rather  an economic opportunity that helps promote the sustainability of local communities.