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Rising Sun – Late Summer 2016

This late summer’s blog post shines a spotlight on the land of the rising sun. Japan, it’s history culture art and beauty, gorgeous aesthetic, stunning home and fashion textiles, product and packaging perfection, dazzling displays is an inspiration to all. We visited Osaka last month to exhibit at a major fashion and home textiles trade fair for the first time. We were excited to meet and greet with companies from Japan, who expressed their appreciation for our designs and quality. A focus on high quality during the production process is especially important in Japan, and we were very pleased to be acknowledged for our proven and certified quality standards.

Inspired by traditional time honoured Japanese textile embroidery, we paid homage to these, designing table and linens such as placemats and runners with techniques such as Sashiko embroidery. White embroidery on Indigo blue placemats, designed especially for the more compact table setting. The Japanese Textile Newspaper that interviewed us were thrilled to see these products, that showcased examples of their textile heritage. Japan has such a rich tradition of particular and unique home textile products, from Sashiko embroidery in home and clothing fashion to their partitioned Noren style curtains to the beautiful oversized Furoshiki cloths utilized often for gift wrapping.

Visiting home furnishing stores in Osaka introduced us to examples of these Japanese traditional products, which were showcased in both ancient and modern design patterns. An exquisite country with an equally exquisite design history and modern elements. Lots of practicality infused into the gorgeous kitchen table and home textile products to as well.

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. This timeless quote by William Morris captures the essence of Japanese design which perfectly incorporates both functionality and beauty.

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